What is Ullu app and how to use it? Full details of owl apps

What is Ullu App? As internet technology is progressing rapidly, in the same way mobile has taken the place of TV. And now more people than mobile can listen and watch any movie, song, owl web series anywhere at any time. That’s what I am going to tell you about today. Ullu app which is similar to netflix. But many things are different from that. And how you guys can take advantage of it. ullu web series app review.

If you people are mourning ullu web series online watch then this ullu video app has been made absolutely for you. You must have heard about this app and you must have known it. If not and you want complete information about ullu webseries app then this post is for you only.

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Today I am going to tell you here what is ullu app? How to watch ullu web series? how to download ullu web series? How to watch and download movies from ullu app. How to download video from ullu app?

What is Ullu App (ullu app review) What can be done with its help

What is Ullu app

This is the Ullu application where you can watch any Ullu web series in Hindi. Like you all used to watch all kinds of online web series on netflix, amazone prime, earlier. In the same way, you can also watch any ullu web series of your choice watch online free here in the ullu app.

Who is the owner of Ullu app?

Do you know Patta ullu web series free downloading app is a very demanding platform. For online web series, all ullu web series are cast and uploaded here. Many popular web series are seen online here.

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And talk about ullu app owner that he is an Indian. Whose name is Vibhu Agarwal, his company name is (ullu digital pvt ltd) jaypeeco infotation pvt ltd which has created this application.

How To Download Ullu App?

It is very easy to download it. You can download it from google play store, here we are also giving you the official link of ullu app. Which helps you to download the right app.

How to use Ullu App and what are its features?

Ullu app is very easy to use because you do not need to pay for it to watch any web series. You cannot watch all the full episode series here for free. When you download it and create an account. So here you can watch old web series for free.

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If any web series is new and trend is web series then you need to subscribe its ullu app for which you have to pay money. Which is cheaper than any other online web series platform. If you want to dekhna new web series then you can watch it by paying a little money.

How to create account in Ullu App?

Creating an account in ullu apps is very easy, you can create your account completely in less than 5 minutes. Out of which I am going to learn you 3 ways here. After which you will be able to enjoy the Ullu web series movie very well.

Nowadays it has become very easy to create an account, you can add it with your social media account or gmail account. In the same way, you can create an account by connecting with your facebook and google to create an account in ullu also. And you can use social media in the same way for ullu login.

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If you do not want to go with any of the above two methods and you want your account password to be set by you, then you can sing up from your email. In which your username and pswd and your name are all asked.

And as soon as you enter all your information, your account will be linked in your mail for account verification, as you click on activate account from Gmail, your account is created.

Ullu app free subscription plan price ?

You can take monthly or yearly plan of Ullu app. Here you are given 2 types of plan which is very good and cheap as per your convenience. So let’s now know about the plans as well.

ullu subscription pricePrice Regular 
Monthly PlanINR 36INR 49 (Plus) RS  99 (Premium)
Yearly PlanINR 99INR 470 (Plus) RS 950 (Premium)

How to Download Web Series from Ullu App?

If you want to download web series from here then it is very easy. Click on whatever web series you want to download. Now the download icon will also appear in front of you, you can download directly from there.

But keep the ullu web series list of your choice ready so that you do not have to think and download it directly. And you can also watch web series for free which are out of date here. And if you do not want to watch the web series, then you need to pay here.

How To Watch Online Web Series From Ullu App?

When you create your account, there is a list of many web series in front of you.

You can watch the web series you want to watch by searching it.

  •  I want to see you more in an important information that you can now watch part of ullu hot web series in this app for free, rest you will be asked to recharge for the future.
  • Only after recharging you will be able to see all the further part easily.
  •  If you want to watch 18+ web series then you can easily watch here.

The web series named charmsukh is one of the most watched here. Which now many times people have searched on Google. If you like watching adult web series, then definitely watch it once.

Ullu mod apk download

Everyone likes to download mod apk of new apps which are very famous but doing so is harmful. By searching Owl Mod apk, you download it, but you have to pay a lot of loss by losing your privacy.

Because you definitely get some kind of virus and bug in them which steals your data. So never use any mod apk. Keep your safety in your own hands. By using mod apk to watch ullu app web series, you would not even know how much data was stolen on you.


I hope you know what is ullu aap from us, how to use ullu tv channel, how to watch online ullu web series for free. How to download Ullu app for free. ullu originals apk download, would have liked all this information. If yes, then comment and share with your friends who love watching online web series. Thank you for seeing your love.

But you have to choose from right or wrong web series, how you want to watch the web series.

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