What is Internet Download Manager?  How is it downloading fast?

Let’s know What is Internet Download Manager? And How to download it fast? 

In today’s time internet has become a place of entertainment or learning where we get many things to entertain ourselves in which we can watch online videos and movies etc. There are a lot of courses and videos available on the internet also for learning, if we have to download them then we face a lot of trouble.

Once we have downloaded something from internet, we do not need internet to watch it from time to time because we have already downloaded it on our computer.

There are many software or tools to download anything from the internet, out of which the best tool is Internet Download Manager also known as IDM.

In this post we will know what is this Internet Download Manager? (What is Internet Download Manager in Hindi) How does it download anything fastest? Let us know interesting information related to this.

What is Internet Download Manager (IDM)?

Internet Download Manager is a software or tool that you can download any video, audio or file from the Internet up to 5 times faster by downloading it to your computer’s Windows operating system and installing its extension in your browser.

When you download a video or anything else from the internet, it is usually downloaded through your browser and if you are downloading a 1 GB file then it takes a lot of time. Also Read : What is Ullu App and How to Watch Ullu Web Series for Free

But here this internet download manager lets you download any file at higher download speed than usual.

This tool gives you lots of features to download which makes it easy to download anything you need from the web like if you are downloading 1-2 GB file and your computer shuts down, you are left You can download the file again. So you can download it.

So let’s know how this IDM makes downloading faster.

How does Internet Download Manager work? 

When you download a large file from the Internet through IDM, IDM splits your file into pieces and then downloads them all at once.

For example, if you’re downloading a 1GB movie, IDM will split it into 5 parts with a portion of 200MB, thus downloading all 5 parts at once, which will greatly increase the download speed. Will get faster

In the above example you can see that when IDM downloads any file it splits it into different pieces and downloads those pieces in one go and when the chunks of the file are downloaded then IDM Converts them into a complete file later so that we can use that file . Also Read: PUBG Mobile Lite 0.23.0: Know full details related to latest APK download, size

If IDM download 1GB file in one go then it takes a lot of time but IDM split 1GB file into chunks and download all chunks from internet in one go which increases its download speed by 5 times.

IDM is not free software but you can download and use it as a trial, then you have to pay for that software.

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