Rams' Wagner flattens fan who evades security

St Nick CLARA, Calif. - - Presently before halftime of the Los Angeles Rams' 24-9 Monday night misfortune to the San Francisco 49ers, 

a fan stumbled into the field with what had all the earmarks of being a gadget letting out pink smoke.

As the fan ran toward the Rams sideline, Bobby Wagner said he saw that security at Levi's Arena could utilize some assistance.

Rams linebacker Takkarist McKinley came toward the individual then Wagner stepped in and spread him out with a success.

"That is not making a play," Wagner said. "That is simply protecting it. You don't have the foggiest idea what that fan got or what they're doing. 

You see it constantly, and we don't have any idea what they're conveying in their pockets. What small amount smoke stuff is, yet that s- - - could be risky.

"Part of the gang on the opposite side, it appeared as though he got injured, and security seemed as though he was battling, so I was disappointed, so I took it out on him."

The impact made a perceptible imprint on the field close to the 40-yard line.

"I saw Bobby Wagner take someone out," 49ers mentor Kyle Shanahan said. "That was somewhat cool to see."

A fan likewise ran onto the field with a gadget letting out pink smoke prior in Monday night's down however was come by security.

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