Miss Texas R'Bonney Gabriel crowned Miss USA 2022

Another US sovereign has been delegated - Miss Texas R'Bonnie Gabriel is Miss USA 2022.

2021 Miss USA Champion Elle Smith crowned Gabrielle during the opposition held at Reno's Fabulous Sierra Resort on Monday night.

According to ABC News, Gabrielle impressed the world as a forever champion by becoming the main Asian American woman to win the Miss Texas USA title.

She was also the first Filipina-American to win the title.

The 28-year-old also won the Miss USA 2022 outfit show on Sunday.

"I was so curious to learn that Miss USA had a state outfit section!"

She composed on Instagram prior to her success. "I realized I wanted a Texas state bloom, a bluebonnet, yet with a zesty air."

A style innovator herself, Gabriel planned her winning ensemble and her Miss USA interview outfit.

The expo honored the late Chesley Crist - the Miss USA 2019 champion who kicked the bucket with self-destruction on January 30th -

By holding the service in a similar setting where she had been made the representative of Miss USA some time back.

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