'Victorious' Star Daniella Monet Says Nick 'Sexualized' Child Actors

A former victorious actress, Daniela Monet, is ready to discuss her days as a Nickelodeon kid star.

In response to claims by Janet McCurdy and Alexa Nichols that the network encouraged an oppressive workplace,

Monet spoke with Insider about his difficult experience working for showrunner Dan Schneider.

The actress, who played Trina Vega from 2010 to 2013, said that at times she was forced into unfair situations,

Such as wearing "not age-appropriate" clothing and filming a scene where her character eats pickles while wearing lip gloss.

How Victorious was mostly "very PC, funny, silly, friendly, chill",

Yet starting with a caveat that he believes is a byproduct of a predominantly male writers' room.

Monet said, "Do I wish for certain things, like, not to be so sexist?"

Monet said, before revealing that Nickelodeon executives had refused to cut the scene when he brought it to their attention. "Yes. One hundred percent."

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