How Cheslie Kryst was honored at the 2022 Miss USA pageant

Another Miss USA was delegated the same way on Monday night at the Great Sierra Resort & Spa in Reno, Nevada,

Just as Chesley Crist was done three years ago.

Furthermore, Krist's legacy was evident during the 2022 show as praise for the previous glamorous woman,

The one who kicked the bucket with self-destruct in January. She was 30 years old.

Crystal Stewart, Miss USA 2008 and running leader of the Miss USA Association, recently told E!

News that Reno was chosen during the current year's protests because of Krist's appreciation.

Exhibition opens with message "To pay tribute to Chesley Crist"

And later in the night, FYI journalist Christian Murphy gave a discourse about Krist's impact on the event world.

"If you are lucky in everyday life, you have the opportunity to get to know someone who

Which brightens up a room, causing each second to look more attractive overall,

And makes you feel important with basic tempo or a word," Murphy said. "That was Chesley Crist."

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