Fix Airtel DTH Error Code in this way, know what is the method

You can solve Airtel DTH Error Code by yourself sitting at home. Next, we are telling you the complete details related to Airtel DTH error code.

If Airtel DTH TV is installed in your house, then sometimes there is some problem in it, which is difficult for you to rectify. You must have seen that many types of error codes appear in TV, due to which it becomes difficult to watch content on TV. For this you talk to customer care or find other options. Actually these Airtel DTH Error Code You can solve it by yourself sitting at home. Yes, if you also face the problem related to DTH Error Code in Airtel DTH TV, then next we are telling you the complete details related to Airtel DTH Error Code. Also, you can easily fix any error code by following the steps mentioned by us.

Airtel DTH Error Code B001

This error is often seen during NO SIGNAL (Error: B001).

What are the reasons for this error

  • Due to heavy rain or cloud cover.
  • Shaking of the umbrella of the dish or its misalignment.
  • Problems with the connection or connectors of the HD set-top box.
  • Due to other problems coming in the way of the dish.

How to fix Error Code B001

  • First of all, you have to check the weather. If it’s cloudy or raining, wait for the weather to clear.
  • Clear the area around the dish of any obstructions.
  • Check and reset each cable connection, if necessary.
  • Restart the set-top box.
  • If you do not see the default channel (099) or recharge information (121), you can call the call centre.

Airtel DTH Error Code 2

Error Code 2 usually occurs when the set-top box card is not inserted correctly, or when the set-top box fails to recognize the viewing card.

How to fix

Carefully remove the viewing card from the set-top box. Clean the card with a cloth or tissue paper and reinsert it. Note that the chip side is facing down. If the problem persists even after this, then Airtel Customer Care can be contacted.

Airtel DTH Error Code 4

Error Code 4 comes at the time of not subscribing to any channel. That is, the channel that you want to watch is not included in the membership plan.

How to fix

You need to upgrade the channel pack to watch such channels. If you want to add top-up, you can SMS from the registered number with the text to 54325. Whereas, if you want to upgrade the plan, then use Airtel Customer Service.

Airtel DTH Error Code 6

The reason for appearing Error Code: 6 on TV is related to account balance. That is, when there is 0 balance in your account, then this error will appear.

How to fix

Recharge your account immediately. Keep the set-top box on for at least 20 minutes after completing the recharge. You will stop getting this error show.

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