BGMI 2.2 Update Links: What are Fake BGMI 2.2 Update Links, know everything here

BGMI 2.2 Update Links : The PUBG Mobile 2.2 update arrived in August, but there hasn’t been any new update since the ban for BGMI.

BGMI 2.2 Update Links OBB Download Links: 

Even after the ban of Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) in India, people’s interest in this game has not diminished. Players keep searching for updates etc. related to this game on the internet. If we talk about the new update, every time after the PUBG Mobile update, a new game version i.e. update was released for Battleground Mobile India (BGMI). The PUBG Mobile 2.2 update arrived in August, but there hasn’t been any new update since the ban for BGMI. Despite this, the internet is full of download links for the latest Battlegrounds Mobile India update, which the players are also surprised to see. Now the question is whether these links are real or fake? Let’s find out… Also Read : BGMI Unban Update : BGMI game will be able to play again, got this big update from YouTube channel

Fake download link on internet

Several websites and content creators have spread false information in the gaming community regarding the availability of Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.2 update. It states that the new version has been released and a link has been provided to download the APK and OBB files. But the thing to note is that all these links are fake and they will never work under any circumstances. This is because the update has not been made available for the Indian version of the game yet. The battle royale title is still running on the same content in the 2.1 update. So the BGMI 2.2 update OBB download link on the internet is 100% fake and you should stay away from it. Also Read : New State Mobile Recruit Mode: Now create a team of your choice and play in a strong style

BGMI 2.2 Update Links
BGMI 2.2 Update Links

Device will be in danger

Be aware that if you download unauthorized game files, your device may be in danger. That’s because these files are prone to viruses or malware. Using these files can also lead to other problems along with data loss, which can also damage the device. Also Read : PUBG Mobile Halloween Party: Halloween and Phantom Treasure Contest will run for 13 days, know full details

BGMI 2.2 Update Links
BGMI 2.2 Update

Players are still waiting for the BGMI 2.2 update, but it should also be understood that due to the ban imposed on the game, the new version has not been released. In addition, BGMI will not receive any further in-game content updates until the game ban is lifted. At the moment, fans have no choice but to wait for further news from Crafton. Also Read : PUBG Mobile Lite 0.24.0 Release Date: Know the latest update, release date, download details of PUBG Mobile Lite

BGMI return expected

Towqeer Gilkar, co-founder and owner of Stalwart Esports, posted a story on his Instagram handle about the return of BGMI during an Instagram live session some time back. Tauqeer is one of the prominent figures in the e-sports community. Apparently he also has ties to game developers. Tauqir spoke on a variety of topics during the live on his Instagram handle, but most people wanted him to comment on BGMI’s return. Responding to the questions asked by his fans, he said, “I think in less than a month.” Giving more details, he said, “The game will be back sooner than you expect. Had a great meeting with some important people. I was there and we tried to collaborate and put some individual effort into it and it went really well, so maybe it will come back soon. Also Read : PUBG Mobile Lite 0.23.0: Know full details related to latest APK download, size

As per the statements made by Tauqeer, he had attended a meeting with some important people who discussed the situation in the game. He mentioned that the meeting went well and everyone tried their best. As the meeting concluded on a positive note. He believes the game will return soon. He later posted a story on his Instagram handle which hinted at the return of the game. Maxturn, the content creator in India for Team GodLike, also commented on his Twitter handle that the game will be back sooner than expected. Earlier Sky e-Sports CEO Shiv Nandi mentioned that the game will be back. However, after the ban of BGMI, some people are now shifting to other games like New State Mobile, Apex Legends Mobile.

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